Our team at your service for premium travel experiences in Romania

Dragos Popa (owner and founder)


5 years of Business Administration Studies in Mannheim/ Germany, 1 year of Masters Studies in the US, 10 years as consultant for the top German management consulting company (of which 3 years in a mgmt. positon), working in Romania and across Europe, working and traveling…

At the same time, husband and dad, using every short or long vacation to travel with my family….

And today, being able to transform my passion for Romania, for Transylvania, for nature, geography and history into the opportunity to do what I’ve been always doing unconsciously – presenting and telling stories about these places, so dear and important to my heart…

I truly believe that this passion and knowledge, combined with an efficient well-organized professional corporate mindset and behavior, will result in an unmatched travel experience for you in Romania.

Our travel guides

knowledgeable, charismatic, true leaders

Florin Sasca (certified national travel guide)

florin sasca

We tried to build the best and most diversified team of guides for tourism in Romania. We are therefore happy to introduce you to Florin, well known to Romanian travelers as a TV personality from various travel shows. You will be able to meet him on our tours and trips in the area of Brasov, Sighisoara or the Prahova Valley.

Dumitru Troanca (certified national travel guide)


Dumitru is most certainly one of Romania’s top travel guides, and we take pride in our joint collaboration. Besides his academic career, as university professor for business and tourism, Dumitru is a national guide for approximately 20 years, taking groups of Romanian and foreign tourists along in personalized tours in the areas in/ around Sibiu and in Transsylvania.

Catalin Nenciu (certified national travel guide)

catalin nenciu

Former business manager, in of the Romania’s key multinational companies, Catalin has shifted perspectives towards his two big passions, tourism and photography. You will meet Catalin predominantly on our tours in the Danube Delta and on our wine tours.

Crinu Ivan (certified national travel guide)

crinu ivan

Crinu Ivan is a true successful entrepreneur by definition.  His passion is tourism, strongly in connection with the (hi)story of each travel destination. Premium Experiences customers will have the opportunity to listen to his charming stories, entrenched of historical details, in particular in the Bucuresti and Prahova Valey trips.

Claudiu Preda (certified national travel guide)


Claudiu Preda is a historian and national guide with vast expertize with groups of Romanian and foreign tourists both in Romania and internationally.

You may meet Claudiu most likely as a Premium Experiences customer on your trip in Western Romania (Timisoara).

Dan Chindris (certified local travel guide)

dan chindris

We could say in theory about Dan that he represents the image of Alba Iulia, given his intense guiding and events organization activity in the city and surrounding areas. Additionally you can also meet Dan in trips in the areas near Sibiu and Hunedoara, where he also has a vast experience as a local guide.

The best specialists, in support of our customers

Our operations team

Vasile (international sales and marketing)

vasile racovitan

Vasile coordinates sales and marketing activities of our product portfolio at international level, both in the B2B and B2C areas.

Alexandra (online presence)


Alexandra, our web designer, is responsible for our online presence, in Romania and at international level.

Isabela (legal and HR)


Isabela is covering key responsibilities in the legal and human resources areas at Premium Experiences

Doru (graphical content)

doru botezat

In his role as passionate photographer of Romania’s beauties, Doru contributes to the success of our company in the graphical area.