Premium vacation packages in Romania, with transport to destination on individual basis. Our week-end breaks include:

Vacations in the peak season in each location – you will visit each Romanian destination at perfect timing, when the key city festival/ event takes place.

Top accommodations: you will finally stay at the top 5 star hotel in the central square you always dreamed of!

A story for your soul in each trip – each week-end break package includes guided tours with our passionate local travel guides.

We create unique travel experiences, not simple city breaks: each weekend break includes something special (concert tickets, spa treatments, gourmet restaurant dinners…)!

Premium travel experiences in Romania

Our current exclusive week-end breaks offer


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George Enescu Opening Gala and Bucharest at its Best

31 aug - 2 sept, 249 Eur/ person in double room


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Medieval festival in Sibiu

  24-26 august: 199 Eur/ person in double room

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